Why design really does make a difference

With internal pressures to meet exponential growth objectives, today’s leaders must be prepared to face the undoubted challenges and uncertainties this key aspiration brings. To generate growth, a business must meet its sales targets and by definition, it must be able to effectively promote its proposition to the outside world – its customers.

How can Design Managers help?

Research has shown that effective design solutions are able to increase organisational profit and subsequently, it is a Design Managers role to deliver measurably successful and thought-provoking creative results. Everyone desires recognition to some degree, but the finest acknowledgement that a creative agency can receive is from a successful campaign and ultimately, client retention and organic growth within that account.

So, what’s the magic recipe?

Well… we like to listen, and talk, regularly. The first rule is to listen and understand and then ask questions and interrogate the brief; making sure there is a complete understanding of the client’s objectives.

What is the problem?

Simply put, effective design answers a problem. Whether it’s the strategic launch of a new product, or the tactical delivery of an annual report, there is a question, or questions, that must be answered… what needs to be achieved?

River Creative Brainstorm

Offer a solution!

Design problems can sometimes be quite complex but, either way they should be always answered with the same passion and inquisitiveness. Naturally, our solution may not be what a client has imagined, but it is our role to lead them on that journey.

The journey

We can either go directly and unremarkably, from A to B, or we can embark on a disruptive journey to a place not previously imagined. As River Creative’s Design Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure we deliver powerful and effective creative and marketing results. We play a decisive role in how a business performs..

Great design really can make a difference…

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Lennie Hedges, MA
Owner and Design Manager