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Standing out from the crowd | part 3

Make design an intrinsic part of your business Marketing and design are generally two of the first areas of a business to feel a tightening of available funds. Leaders have to make important and difficult commercial decisions. Some feel that marketing can be put on hold, maybe even until the next financial year

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Standing out from the crowd | part 2

Define your brand It’s been said that if you take care of business, work hard and be kind and considerate, then your brand will take care of itself. The implication being that the main influencers in the overall success of a brand are the leaders and owners who are making key decisions.

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Standing out from the crowd | part 1

The current state of the UK private sector market According to Government data, there were over 5.7 million businesses in the UK at the end of 2017. 99% of which were SME’s* (small and medium enterprises). In addition, more than 2 million of those businesses are based in London and the South East,

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Why design really does make a difference

Why design really does make a difference With internal pressures to meet exponential growth objectives, today's leaders must be prepared to face the undoubted challenges and uncertainties this key aspiration brings. To generate growth, a business must meet its sales targets and by definition, it must be able to effectively promote its proposition

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Who are River Creative

Who are River Creative River Creative is a Reading-based, strategic brand agency delivery integrated campaigns to help businesses succeed. Our expertise is built upon first-hand experiences of an ever-evolving, technology-focused industry and of the many great people we have met and worked with along our journey. International Expertise If I could start anywhere, it

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